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About the Gardener
My earliest memories are of following my grandmothers around their gardens. I have been a life long hobby gardener, and started working professionally in 1999.

Before starting Graceful Gardens in 2008 my professional experience included:

  • Formal horticulture in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

  • Farming organic vegetables at Green Meadow Farm in Lancaster County, PA

  • Native plant landscaping in the highland desert of Arizona

In the Winter I travel to warmer climates to experience other cultures, learn new approaches to land stewardship, and give back to the communities that I visit, including:

  • Ethnobotany in Hawaii
  • Subsistence farming in New Zealand

  • Agroforestry and Permaculture in Costa Rica

  • Environmental restoration in post- Katrina New Orleans

I am happy to share stories and information about the plants, people and places that my love of gardening has brought me.

Formative training in Granny Wicks' garden

Urban Gardening Services
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