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Please enjoy browsing photographs of my work.

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A sampling of window boxes
Hess 01 hess 02
Container Gardens
from large to small, I can help you find, arrange and plant them all
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hess 03
Seasonal Container Plantings
window box 02
Courtyard Gardens
Roof Gardens
for different functions: relaxation, entertaining, and food production


Soften hard places
low maintenance and always beautiful
Hess 01 hess 03 hess 02
A balcony retreat
milkman_01 shlomo
Urban Edibles
Rooftop Fall crops Edible flowers in Spring
A flat of cilantro grown indoors brightens many dishes... even on cold winter days Center city veggie garden
Rainbow chard adds height and color in annual display. Also great for healthy snacking or supper saute Windowbox-grown tomatoes and basil Rooftop blueberry foliage turns crimson as alpine strawberries continue to produce in late Fall. Kiwi fruit climbs a trellis in the background
Before and After
Before   After
Living spaces developed with large plants
Before   After
Before   After
Privacy tactfully achieved with an evergreen screen
Before   After
Low maintenance perennial garden for quiet admiration
Before   After
Parking / utility yard becomes fruit and veggie container garden with wildflower seating area
Before   After
Before   After
A little cleanup makes a big difference
The early days
Snapshots from my past
Farming in Lancaster County for the Brendle Family's Green Meadow Farm
Before After Before
Chive flowers add zest, color, and flair to dishes A mixed flat of heirloom tomatoes.
I grew hundreds of pounds!
Green beans so tender and delicious, I eat them raw
blueberries After blueberries
The golden green striped tomatoes with hints of turquoise are perfectly ripe Me rockin' the big tractor.
Err, having fun pretending
Tending microgreens in the hothouse
From my years working in private estate landscape management
Before After blueberries
Before After blueberries
Urban Gardening Services
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