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U r b a n  O r n a m e n t a l  a n d  E d i b l e  G a r d e n s
Graceful Gardens was created from my love of nature, people, food, design, healthy urban habitat, and the desire to earn a living by providing a unique gardening service that embodies all of these passions. Below are specific examples of how I integrate my core values into the work of Graceful Gardens:
  • pink_and_knows_it Providing excellent value for my clients. I love what I do, I care about my clients, and I am committed to seeing that every job is held to the standard of excellence and done with grace. Every person, just like every garden, is unique and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to work with each of you.

  • Using organic gardening techniques and products, including compost and fertilizers. Organic products are not only better for the environment and human health, but they are better for your garden. The results are visible.

  • Purchasing materials from locally owned, independent businesses. Plants raised locally are better adapted for our environment, and cut down on the pollution of shipping. Buying local creates more jobs and keeps money circulating in our local economy. Personal relationships ensure the accountability for quality products. Graceful Gardens is a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia

  • Biking and using biodiesel-fueled transportation. Graceful Gardens' first company vehicle was a 7-foot long garden cart that hitched to the back of a bicycle. At the time, serving center city clients by bike was practical, ecological, and fun. As business expanded, we incorporated a diesel truck to better serve our clients. We run the truck on biodiesel fuel that has a lower carbon impact than regular diesel fuel or gasoline.

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