Graceful Gardens is a full service design, installation, and maintenance urban garden company with a geographic focus on Center City Philadelphia and surrounding parts of the city.  



Whether your goals are to have lovely window boxes year-round, to live more sustainably, or to use plants to create a private and serene space through living walls and screening, we can design a garden that serves your needs beautifully. We offer different levels of design services to fit each clients unique needs.



Sourcing the highest quality plant and landscape material, we bring everything needed to your location to carefully install your urban garden. Our focus on attention to detail and quality of service ensures that the way in which the garden is is installed is as pleasant of an experience for our clients as the end result.



Plants are living organisms that can require regular maintenance in order to keep them healthy and looking their best. Whether you choose exotic tropical annuals or steadfast native perennials, we offer regular maintence visits to ensure your garden is getting the care it needs. 


Window Boxes


What's better than being greeted by a cheerful entrance display when you come and go from your home? We believe this transitional space is an incredible opportunity to inspire a grounding moment of connection with the natural world. Learn more about our services or book a consultation. 

Planters & Containers


Planters & containers are great for their versatility in shape, size, and style. They can be used for gardening in the city where there may not be soil to plant in. We can help you find and select planters appropriate for your site, garden goals, and style.


Rooftops & Decks

Landscaping your rooftop terrace, balcony or deck can create privacy, enhance entertaining ambiance, refresh the sensation of being outdoors, and make you feel connected to nature and relaxed amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Courtyards & Patios


Courtyard gardens can provide a private oasis of relaxation, space for entertaining, and a quiet retreat. Water features, hardscapes, and wildlife habitat can also be integrated to create dynamic outdoor living spaces.



The activity of exiting and entering your home is an excellent time to say hello to your garden and cultivate a pleasant transition. Window Boxes and Planters & Containers are popular choices for adding seasonal foliage to your home's entrance.



Creating a warm welcome for your customers is a way to set their experience off on the right track. We love working with Philadelphia businesses, particularly restaurants, to customize an urban garden that fits their brand's personality. 

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